Support Staff


The Admin team administers plans, organizes, directs, controls and coordinates day to day operation of the hospital. They act as liaisons between governing boards, medical staff and department heads and integrate the activities of all departments so that they function as a whole. While medical staff strive to keep the blood flowing and the heart beating in patients, the hospital administration team is doing their job in keeping the Hospital alive and healthy!

Reception Area

Heart Health Schemes displayed at the reception desk


The Hospitals PR department works on a variety of media plans to ensure constant update amongst locals. The department predominantly works towards devising communication strategy indoors as well as outdoors. The PR department plays an important role in ensuring patient satisfaction at all levels. It jointly works with several other departments in the hospital towards setting newer benchmarks in cardiac care. The department regularly organizes cardiac check up camps at industrial set ups thereby creating awareness regarding health issues and works towards preventive strategies. Apart from these activities it regularly organized CME programs for practicing physicians with an aim to update scientific information. One of these CMEs today has become a national event and is attended by more than 1000 physicians and cardiologists.

An annual conference is organised in the month of October every year.
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